Consider This

Choosing a firearm is an important decision for individuals to make. Shouldn’t receiving firearms training be just as important. Prior to choosing a firearms instructor there are several important aspects to consider.

What are your instructor’s credentials?

This is more than what type or how many certifications does he have. Find out about his background and experience level. Experience as an instructor; can he deliver the material in a clear concise understandable method. Experience in the field he is teaching; has he actually worked in that field or discipline. Experience in the business; will he treat you fairly as a customer. Experience as a dedicated professional; will he be there for you when you need him after the class is over.

Is your training available/affordable?

While we would like to say that expense is no object, that is not reasonable. Shop for the best quality training you can afford (and still be able to practice). Quality training today is much better than training that you will do "maybe next year". Wherever you select your training facility, consider a location that allows you to concentrate on your training without interruptions from outside sources such as other students on the range, or an instructor who is responsible for other activities besides your training.

Is your training realistic?

There is a lot of good training available that teach us how to shoot very well, handle our firearms safely and even understand laws concerning firearms. Is this training realistic enough to help us in a fight to defend ourselves against a brutal enemy? The first classes always start with the basics so that we can form a platform to work on, but make sure that your training also gives you the fighting skills you need to win the situations that you will likely encounter.

How applicable is the training to your needs?

Make sure that the training you seek helps you gain the skills necessary to accomplish your task. If your task is learning basic firearms safety because you have purchased a target rifle to use only at the range, then a Concealed Carry course is not right for you. While much of the training is similar in skill sets, sometimes the tactics or employment methods are different. This is the real reason for the separation of private citizen classes and law enforcement classes. Research the class, find out what the focus of the training is and select courses that will benefit your personal needs.

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