Mike Moore is the lead firearms instructor for TAC Drivers. He is an accomplished competitive shooter. He has been a professional firearms instructor for over 22 years and a retired law enforcement officer. He is also an adjunct firearms instructor at Gunsite, one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious private firearms academies.He has been a professional gunsmith for over 27 years specializing in building custom firearms.

As a law enforcement officer Mike began his career as a reserve deputy and after a short time decided to pursue this career full time. He worked for Lafayette Police Department as a patrol officer, detective, SWAT sniper, firearms instructor and armorer. During his career as a police officer he attended many courses involving firearms, tactics and the use of deadly force. He also attended many instructor level courses and developed many of the firearms training courses used by the department.

Mike began his gunsmithing career at 19 years old and graduated from Montgomery Technical College with a degree in gunsmithing. He has stayed active in the field and currently specializes in building custom rifles and pistols. His gunsmithing skills have saved many students training sessions when they have breakdowns during a course.

Mike is currently a full time firearms instructor working for TAC Drivers and Gunsite.

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