Firearms Training Courses

  • Get your weight forward
  • Maintain your firing grip, keep the stock on your shoulder
  • On the attack
  • Size of target in inches x 27.78 divided by size of target in mils=distance to target
  • Upper chest, remember that the location of the shots depends on the angle of attack
  • Use natural materials, be careful of unnatural colors
  • Watch the front sight, press the trigger, follow through
  • Follow through
  • Get a good high grip
  • Good muzzle control, get that strong hand grip a little higher
  • On the fire command....
  • Press the trigger, bend at the first knuckle only
  • Push with your strong arm, pull back with your support arm
  • Trust me

If you’ve recently purchased or are considering the purchase of a firearm, Private Citizen Firearms Training is perfect for you. The Private Citizen Firearms Training course will provide firearms you with the skills necessary to receive your Louisiana Concealed Carry (LCC) permit. In addition to LCC permits, Private Citizen Firearms Training courses provide you with personal defense strategies to use to protect your home and vehicle.

For hunters, our hunting prep course will provide you with firearms training that will aid you in making that first shot the one that counts!

For the law enforcement officer, we offer professional firearms training in the use of handguns, carbines, shotguns and precision rifles. As the streets get tougher, so do the courts. Law enforcement officers need regular and current training in not only shooting skills, but also decision making, multiple adversaries, moving while shooting and being able to hit moving adversaries. They need to do this while under fire, and without placing the public at undo risk. Officers need to know how to work together and use proper tactics to win the encounter. Our professional firearms instructors have the experience necessary to provide this training. TAC Drivers also has unique mobile target systems that help accomplish these goals.

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